The Good Timez Show

I just want to take the time to congratulate and celebrate our very own London based Dj Swoosh and Fifi Lewis, who have launched a brand New Youtube channel, which is bound to be a hit. 


DJ Swoosh has been a DJ his whole life but in 2010 things really picked up for him to the point where he was playing all over Europe, London, Swoosh has also crossed paths with a lot of well-known celebrities such as Stormzy, Boy better know and other UK artists.   

Seeing how far his passion for music has taken him, Swoosh is determined to provide a platform for up and coming artists in and out of the UK who are on their journey to stardom.  He would like to help them map out their journey and be the plug they need, showcasing their talent way ahead of their time. 

I asked what the inspiration behind the name of his show was, Swoosh explained that he owns a company called Good Timez UK, which is an events company that is the premier urban of entertainment. They used to hold Student parties all around the UK, which was ground breaking. Therefore he has kept the name and the brand because of how well it has done and the positive energy that is associated with it.


Swoosh explained that 6 months ago when he moved onto broadcasting on Don City Radio he had a conversation with his good friend Fifi Lewis and they shared ideas. Swoosh explained that their partnership has been extremely beneficial to the both of them. They share equal vision, passion and goals, with different strengths that they bring to the show. 

For the last 6 months Swoosh and Fifi Lewis have been been showcasing the latest UK Releases, news, interviews, discussions and more on Don-City Radio. You can tune in to listen to them every Monday evening from 9pm-11pm, weekly. To date their shows have been revolutionary with people all over London calling in to engage in their debates. The demand for what they do together has led to Swoosh and Fifi Lewis broadcasting their work on platforms such as sound cloud, apple podcast and Spotify. 

Swoosh informed me that he intends to make noise and bang doors this year and believes they will get heard and reach the platforms needed.  To place further emphasis on this passion Swoosh informs that they have now brought visuals to their audio interviews and debates by creating a brand new YouTube Chanel.  

They recently put out an insightful interview with the rapper Lights. For those who don’t know who Lights is, he is a pioneering rapper from Nasty Crew and Grime Heyday. The interview is called ‘From Grime to Rap’ and offers a lot of insight for those who are aspiring to start or are already on their journey in the music industry. If you have not watched it I recommend that you do.

To find out more about Swooh and Fifi Lewis you can follow them on Twitter, Sound cloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcast and YouTube under the name  - ‘Good Timez Show’

Written by @ crystal_Williamsud

Pictures by @Djswoosh