Dubai's rising hip-hop star Malik released first EP "FOMO"


Malik is a 21 year old rapper from the iconic city of Dubai. One may wonder how Hip hop had found itself in Dubai and what type of struggle people go through there, Malik shares his stories with the world in hope to show that his city is more than just tall sky scrapers and expensive hotels. Growing up throwing underground parties Malik has become an Icon in his city inspiring others to participate in music. At the age of 16 Malik found himself surrounded by people who were either going to jail or getting deported, so for his best interest he was sent to London to focus on his music and stay out of trouble. Since then Malik has done shows all over the city and frequently returns to Dubai where performs at intimate gigs with rappers and DJs in the city.  

The team they worked with 

Malik works with a collective called Neoteny (@Neotenyy). The collective combine their creative ideas to create exhibitions and gigs all over London and Dubai. Neoteny has hosted artists such as; Sampha, Fredwave, Jeshi, Casso Clay and many more...  

The concept of project

Malik's latest project FOMO is hands down his best project so far. This EP means a lot to him as it's his transition from the traditional Boom Bap sound to a new funky Trap Wave vibe. FOMO aka The Fear of Missing Out, is a collection of 5 songs that summarise Malik's experience within the two cities. Features and production from artists and producers in both cities helps capture Malik's unique sound. Often finding himself in a state of FOMO, Malik shows us how he expresses and deals with these emotions in a carefully selected track list.