The History of Valentine's Day


Every year February 14th is known to Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance where many people exchange cards, flowers, chocolates and even gifts. 

But do you know the actual meaning of Valentine’s Day?, Do you actually know who story behind Valentine’s Day?, Do you know who you are celebrating? Other than your relationships…


The history of Valentine’s day dates back to a Roman holiday called Lupercalia, which was festival of

purification and fertility, which was normally celebrated on the 15th February, however the church chose St. Valentine’s Day in order to Christianise the celebration. 

Valentine’s Day is named after a man called St. Valentine who had a really hard time. St. Valentines was a Christian priest who would perform marriage ceremonies in secret after the Roman Emperor at the time named Claudius The Cruel declared that young people were forbidden to get married as he believed that the single soldiers fought better than the married men, which is crazy right?!!!

Even though St. Valentines was following his beliefs (being pro marriage) in the church, he was still defining the rules of emperor.

Once the emperor found out Valentines lawbreaking, he was then arrested, imprisoned and sentenced to be beheaded on February 14th. 

Pope Gelasius, the third and last Bishop of Rome of Berber origin, declared that the February 14th be a day celebrating St Valentines in the 5th Century. However it was not until the 1300’s that the holiday be used as a day of Love and Romance.   

We may have come a long way from when Valentine’s Day began but when we are kicking back with our loved one on a date and spoiling them with presents and special treats, let’s remember who we are really celebrating.


Happy Valentine's Day