Marc Angelo is a hip-hop artist and producer from Hartford, Connecticut. At a young age, Marc Angelo fell in love with the hip-hop genre. He started out as a local Dancehall dancer as a teen and produced beats in his free time. With his new found passion, Marc Angelo entered his beats in three seperate standard producer competitions and was invited to the finals “Beasts of the Beats” competition each time he entered. His experience and success in competing against other producers made him more hungry to succeed in the hip-hop industry.


Marc Angelo later relocated to Atlanta to make his dreams of becoming a successful artist and producer a reality. In October 2017, Marc Angelo released his first mixtape, Ruff Senpai. The mixtape was inspired by Marc Angelo’s love for anime. “[I] usually gravitate to the hidden gems and wise sayings they drop [in anime],” says Marc Angelo. His freshman project includes inspirational hustle anthems (Come Up) and an anthem for the men who rock ‘locs and secure the bag (Bad Hair Day). 

“Ruff Senpai is really just getting people to know me… my thoughts and view on things… showing my soulful side and wanting to bring good vibes… also showcasing a little of my dark side as well,” he says. With Ruff Senpai under his belt, Marc Angelo continues to create more music for other hip-hop artists and his 32,000+ fans on social media.

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